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An imaginary art exhibition about indoor plants

An imaginary art exhibition about indoor plants Image created with a base image and then edited with artificial intelligence. On the big wall you can see my series of sensiveria plants in the window. Artificial Intelligence Visualization of my Sansevieria series in the window, 9 pieces of 40x40cm in acrylic on linen. 9 pieces all […]

Exhibition: Retrospective 2008-2022 – Selected Works – Maria Rapela

I would like to invite you this November 29, 2022 to the opening of a retrospective exhibition that I am organizing. In this exhibition I have selected some of the best acrylic works from different periods between 2008 (the year I arrived in Berlin) and other more recent works from 2022. For space reasons not […]

Short Documentary about the artists from Taumel der Tatsache exhibition, July 2021, Berlin

Frequently, an art exhibition brings together the works of artists, but the reasons and the artistic proposal of those who present their work are not always well understood. Delving into these reasons and why can help to better understand the background of the work. In this well-made 20-minute video documentary, filmmaker Chrysanthi Goula visited the […]

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