I have decided to start an artistic challenge. I have seen several people doing it online and I had not yet understood the real meaning. Today I started to sketch a bit and I thought that’s what I want and need. A challenge and a new goal, to create something every day and to see if I can also add some income during this Christmas period. It is a good time to offer art as original gifts in times when people spend a lot of time inside their homes. If you are looking for original gifts for colleagues, friends, family, give art and you will help many artists to trust and continue creating.

Are you an artist? Join the challenge and use the hashtag #ArtChallengeGermany2020

Produce every day a sketch, a drawing or a small piece in the technique that you like to use to work on sketches. They don’t have to be finished, nor do you have to spend hours on them. Try to create a piece quickly, spend 1 or 2 hours maximum per day, take a photo and post it on your social networks with the following text:

1 sketch per day
Until 20 December 2020 75€ per piece + Shipping Describe the piece you post every day Technique, measures and year Support artists and give art

If a client is interested in your work, you must coordinate with each client, to send the work to their postal address. Get adequate packaging to ensure that your work arrives smoothly to the recipient.
Calculate the amount of shipping costs, materials, envelopes, etc. Make an invoice with the value of the work that includes the 5% tax that is in force in Germany until December 31st, add the shipping. You send the invoice to your client who can pay within 10 days, via bank transfer, paypal or cash. Do not accept checks from anyone. Once the amount is received, you can send the work to your client.

En español

He decidido empezar un reto o desafío artístico. He visto a varias personas que lo hacen online y aún no había entendido el significado real. Hoy me he puesto a bocetear un poco y he pensando que eso es lo que quiero y necesito. Un pequeño reto diario y el objetivo de ver si logro además sumar algunos ingresos en este período de navidad. Este es un buen momento para ofrecer trabajos que pueden servir como regalos originales en tiempos en que la gente pasa muy metida dentro de sus casas y quiere apoyar a la gente local.
Si estás buscando regalos originales para colegas, amigos, familiares, regala arte y ayudarás a muchos artistas a confiar y a seguir creando.

Eres artista? Sumate al reto y utiliza el hashtag #ArtChallengeGermany2020

Produce cada día un boceto, un dibujo o una pequeña pieza en la técnica que más te guste usar para trabajar en bocetos. No tienen que ser obre terminadas, ni que le dediques horas de horas. Intenta crear rápidamente una pieza, dedícale entre 1 y 2 horas máximo al día, tómale una foto y postéale en tus redes sociales con el siguiente texto:

1 boceto al día #ArtChallengeGermany2020 Hasta el 20 diciembre 2020
75€ la pieza + Envío
Describe la pieza que postras cada día,
Técnica, medidas y año
Apoya a los artistas y regala arte

Si un cliente se interesa por tu trabajo, deberás coordinar con cada cliente, para enviarle el trabajo a su dirección postal. Consigue un empaque adecuado para que tu trabajo llegue sin problemas al destinatario.
Calcula el monto de gastos de envío, materiales, sobres, etc. Realiza una factura con el valor de la obra que incluye el 5% de impuestos que están vigentes en Alemania hasta el 31 de diciembre, agregale el envío. Le envías la factura a tu cliente que puede pagar en el lapso de 10 días, vía transferencia bancaria, paypal o efectivo. No aceptes cheques de nadie. Una vez recibido el monto, podrás enviarle el trabajo a tu cliente.

Passion for art – Art accessible to all

I have been working in painting and the visual arts for more than two decades. It has not always been easy, but the passion for the world of colors, shapes, ideas, researches, freedom of creation that art allows, has always kept me close and fighting for what I want and makes me feel on the right path.

I love all the arts and deeply respect all the people who translate in some waythe sensibility, fears, fragility, ways of thinking, of seeing the world, the capacity to free oneself and dream through the arts and that are the result of human expression, as beings that have been evolving for millions of years, on this planet.

Perhaps the arts are one of the most characteristic aspects of the human species, which emerged as a means of expression and communication in its beginnings, and continue to do so today.

I have come to the conclusion to make my art reach the greatest number of people, through reproductions. But I will also continue to produce and exhibit, and those interested in my original works will also be for sale.

Initially as a producer of artworks, I thought that art was for few, those who could pay for it and who would help me finance my work and value it enough to invest in my work. But the truth is that I have come to the conclusion that at least for the moment I am interested in conbine both options, being able to make my art reach the greatest number of people, through reproductions, posters, postcards, among others and sell original works, continue to exhibit, etc.

That’s why I’ve decided that now I’m interested in being able to take my art to every corner of the world, thanks to the possibilities that the online world offers today. In this site (worldwide shipping) or in this other one (based in Germany and shipping only in Europe) you can find some of my paintings, made in different periods of my life, and purchase a postcard, a poster, a framed print, a Hahnemühle paper print with museum quality, among other items. A percentage of the sales is for me, the production, shipping and customer service is run by those two companies. So you will be supporting an artist and taking to your home products with art, love, emotions, years of work, research.

Art in everyday life

If you are a lover of decoration, of atmospheres decorated with art, I have put some of my works for the use of decoration in fabrics, clothes and other accessories.

I have transformed some sketches and paintings into patterns that work very well on fabrics and various items of daily use. The truth is that I would like to have them all.

Discover my designs and all the amazing products and accessories you can print on demand.

Here for example some examples of how they would look printed on textiles like bedspreads, blankets and cushions

I also love how some abstract patterns on summer colours look, ideal for spring and summer. There are a variety of products from shirts and t-shirts, dresses, mini-skirts, leggings, scarves.

Or in bags and purses, handbags and make-up bags. They really do look fabulous.

There’s another variety of accessories that look really fantastic like wall clocks , mugs or shower curtains, cases for iphones and ipads Here you can see if you are still interested in the other products available.

If you are thinking of buying any of these items, now you know that by buying at Redbubble, a percentage goes to the designers and artists.