Text and animation ©Maria Rapela
New serie Body Continent (in progress) ©Maria Rapela / VG Bild

Berlin-based artist since 2008. Her work deals with the tensions of identity, the mystery of being, with and together with others. Her most commonly used techniques: painting, drawing, printmaking, animation, texts or photography.

My journey through the visual arts and the mystery of life

I try to express the mystery of life and existence through the visual arts through the use of forms, colors, lines, structures in space, with the intention of achieving an aesthetic and plastic experience. The elaboration of forms is like the elaboration of ideas and thoughts, dances, poetry, but of the order of the visual and material ones.

Experimenting and working comes out the themes. Some of the most recurrent themes are related to the tensions that exist between being, being in space, identity, being with others in the world. The technique and materials finally used can be varied (painting, drawing, animation, engraving, texts, photography or new techniques, which will confront me with new technical challenges).


Email: info ( @ ) mariarapelafoto.com

Tel: + 49 0176 442 77 015

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