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Cultural Manager

Cultural Manager

Fieber Festival 2017 Poster

From 2011 to 2017 I co-founded and co-organized with other artists, the Festival of Ibero-American Artists in Berlin, a collaborative and self-organized project, where more than 200 artists participated in different areas, from dance, theater, music, literature, plastic and visual arts, among others…

Opening Fieber Festival 2017 - Meinblau Gallerie, Berlin - Foto Justina Leston
Fieber Festival 2015, Acud
Opening Fieber Festival 2015 - Acuds, Berlin - Foto Camila Berrio
Fieber Festival 2015, Acud, Berlin, Foto Camila Berrio

In 2022 I organized the exhibition Peace and Fruits as part of the Berlin Kunst Salon at the Forum Factory, Berlin.

The exhibition was focused on the theme of works around fruits, and due to the beginning of the war in Ukraine, we wanted to call it Peace and Fruits, to raise our voice in relation to the political and social situation of the moment.

Opening Peace and Fruits, Forum Factory, 2022, Foto: Maria Rapela
Opening Peace and Fruits, Forum Factory, Performance Karina Villavicencio, 2022, Foto: Daniele Vidoni

For more information, write me to: info{@)mariarapela.com

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