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Maria Rapela Artviewer

Professional photography for your art exhibition, artist portrait or art performance show in Berlin or Europe.

Artist: Vera Kox, Kunstraumkreuzberg, 2022 Foto ©Maria Rapela
You have been working on this exhibition for months and you don’t have the necessary equipment to document the exhibition?
Cell phone photos can look good, but how good?

If you need a professional documentation of the exhibition, a vernissage or an artist portrait, I’d love to help you do it.
It doesn’t take much. One or two general shots and a couple of detail photos are sometimes enough. If you want a professional reel during your opening or a professional video, I can also help you.

Isaac Julien, Palais Populaire, Berlin 2023 @Maria Rapela
Neue Nationale Galerie, Berlin, Foto: ©Maria Rapela, 2023
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