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Women artists portrait photography

Women artists portraits

Proyect photography

As a woman artist, I have discovered quite late that what seemed to me to be a normality (having access to university, studying the arts, deciding whether or not to have children, seeing women in decision-making positions) is actually something that goes back a few decades.

That women have been historically excluded from places of study, spaces of power and political decision-making, as well as from the study and professional practice of the arts. In most cases, they have been confined to the sphere of reproduction of the species and domestic culture. When they have tried to follow the artistic path, they have done so in many cases in religious spheres.

It is not strange that, having little access and recognition when they sought to realize themselves in artistic spaces dominated by men, they have been removed from the path of “important“ “official“ art, or that many of their expressions and activities have been seen as “second rate“.


Because the privileges that we have today, are quite new, because there is still a lot to be seen and recognized, for those women who fight doubly for their work, I have decided to begin this series of women artists and as a way to give continuity to the support and visibility for women artists that I started inspired by the Fieber Festival, which I co-founded and coordinated between 2011 and 2017 in Berlin.


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Ingeborg Robles, Berlin 2023, Writer, Poet, Translator ©Maria Rapela
Izaskun Gracia, Berlin 2023, Writer, Poet, Translator, Editorial Design. Photo ©Maria Rapela
Sandra Rosas, Dichterin
Sandra Rosas, Berlin 2023, Writer, Poet, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Elsye Suquilanda
Elsye Suquilanda, Berlin 2023, Writer, Poet, Performance artist ©Maria Rapela
Martha Gantier, Berlin 2023, Writer, Poet ©Maria Rapela
Fatima Moumouni, Berlin 2022, Spoken Word Poet, moderator, columnist, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Mara Mahía, Berlin, 2021, writer, novelist, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Paz Fábrega, San José - Costa Rica 2022, Filmdirector and Producer, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Catalina Murillo, San José - Costa Rica, 2022, Writer, novelist, film scriptwriter, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Künstlerinnen Portrait ©Maria Rapela
Marta Sanz, 2022, Berlin, Writer, novelist, poet, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Patricia Velásquez, San José - Costa Rica 2022, Filmdirector and Producer. Photo ©Maria Rapela
Gaby Bila Gunther, (Lady Gaby), Berlin, 2022, Performance artist, Poet, Visual Artist, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Künstlerinnen Portrait ©Maria Rapela
Carolina Ortega, Berlin, 2019, Actress, Theater Director, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Alexandra Latishev, San José - Costa Rica 2023, Filmdirector and Producer. Photo ©Maria Rapela
Soledad Herrera, 2022, San José - Costa Rica, Actress, Dance-Theater artist, activist, Photo @Maria Rapela
Xueh Magrini, Berlin, 2019, Visual Artist, Ilustrator, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Amelia Nin, Berlin, 2019, Textil Artist Photo ©Maria Rapela
Jeanna Serikbayeva, Berlin, 2020, Dancer and choreographer, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Karina Villavicencio, Berlin, 2019, Visual artist and Performance artist, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Kysy Fischer, Berlin, 2019, Actress, Theater Director, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Annick Shadeck, Berlin, 2021, Dancer and choreographer, Photo ©Maria Rapela
María Barceló, Berlin, 2019, Actress, Photo ©Maria Rapela
Elsye Suquilanda, Berlin, 2019, Poet, Performance artist, Photo ©Maria Rapela
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