Pixel Art - Pixel Kunst Malerei - Maria Rapela


An imaginary art exhibition about indoor plants

An imaginary art exhibition about indoor plants Image created with a base image and then edited with artificial intelligence. On the big wall you can see my series of sensiveria plants in the window. Artificial Intelligence Visualization of my Sansevieria series in the window, 9 pieces of 40x40cm in acrylic on linen. 9 pieces all […]

Body continent Series N°1 and N°2​

Body Continent, Serie N°1, Maria Rapela, ©VG Bild Kunst In the last few weeks, I have been working on the Body Continent series. The starting point was the painting I had done in 2018 and wanted to develop further. In that search several works, shapes and styles came out. Then in that process of working […]

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