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About me

About me: Maria Rapela

Maria Rapela - Artist and Photographer - Künstlerin Berlin
Selfportrait ©Maria Rapela, 2024

San José, Costa Rica, 19179


Born under the vibrant and tropical Costa Rican sun in 1979, I embarked on a journey that led me to the heart of Berlin in 2008. My life has been a canvas, richly painted with over two and a half decades dedicated to the exploration and innovation in the realm of visual arts.


Of Costa Rican father and Argentinean mother, I was born in a middle class and multicultural family in the capital of a Central American country. My childhood in the 80’s and adolescence took place in the nineties. My university time during the 2000`s.


In Costa Rica I received inspiration from the colors, the temperature of color, as well as from the small but stimulating cultural life of the capital and I was always active in the cultural life, interested in visual arts, cinema, literature, as well as I have always loved nature, people, I have traveled through Central America and volunteered in national parks.

Early Beginnings and Artistic Exploration

Between 1990 and 1993 I lived with my family in France (Montpellier), where the interest in art became more important. There I took my first art courses for children and decided to dedicate myself to this.


Back in Costa Rica and with 14 years old, I started my adventure in art, diving into the colorful world of painting.

The painting workshop of Master Eduardo Barracosa in Escazú, was an important space for the development of my work. There I studied and shared the studio with other local artists for more than 12 years.


I didn’t just stick to art though; I also studied anthropology in the University of Costa Rica, which gave me a deep understanding of people and cultures. (2000-2005)

Taller de Pintura Eduardo Barracosa, Escazu, Costa Rica, Around 1995-1997 - Art Studio workshops ©Maria Rapela

Total turnaround, new life in another continent, another country and city: Berlin

I came to Berlin, because of love and with the idea that here I could dedicate myself to art, while adapting and learning the language.


I set up my studio and since then I have been working, some years more intensely than others. The first years I was inspired by the idea of a new city, by the changing seasons, the colors and temperatures of life in a Nordic country. Paintings that I presented in a small limited edition book: Berlin Seasons.


I tried to exhibit wherever I could both in Berlin and in Europe and I was also experimenting with printmaking in two artist residencies in Spain and Italy.


In the studio, Foto ©Daniele Vidoni, Berlin, 2023

Discover my art catalog, with works from 2008 until now

Celebrating Women’s Artistry: The Essence of FIEBER


From 2011 to 2017, I put a lot of energy and time as co-founder and general coordinator of the FIEBER Festival, a unique festival dedicated to women artists from Ibero-America, right in the heart of Berlin.


FIEBER was more than a festival; it was a beacon for over 200 women artists across disciplines like dance, music, visual arts, performance art, literature, theatre, among others.


Together, we created a nurturing environment that not only showcased their incredible talents but also fostered a sense of community. It was a tribute to their art, their voices, and their collective spirit.


The festival was a collaborative space and meeting place for Ibero-American artists based in or passing through Berlin. The strength of collaborative work is something extraordinary.


In the 4 editions 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017 there was a very complete program with an exhibition, readings, concerts, performances and a variety of proposals as artists there are.

The first edition was held at the Marzia Frozen gallery in the now defunct Landsberger alle 54 cultural center.
The next two editions were held at the ACUD. And the 2017 edition at the Meinblau Gallery and Haus 13 Pfefferberg.




Fieber Festival 2015, Acud
Fieber Festival, 2015, Acud, Berlin - Foto ©Camila Berrio
Fieber Festival, 2017, Meinblau Galerie, Berlin - Foto ©Justina Leston

If you want to know more about the Fieber Festival, check the website of the 4 editions.

Capturing Essence, Crafting Memories: A Portrait of Passion

Since 2019, I’ve been painting with light, professionally immersing myself in the world of portrait and event photography. With every click, I capture more than a moment—I capture a story, a memory, a moment.


Alongside this, I’m weaving a visual serie of inspiration through my women artists portrait project, spotlighting the diverse and dynamic women artists of Berlin and Costa Rica.


It’s a journey through faces and stories, each frame a celebration of women artists.


In addition to photography, I continue in parallel with painting, a continuous struggle that never ends.

Portrait Photograhy - Jeanna Serikbayeva - 2019 ©Maria Rapela

About me: Discover my photography women art serie (in process)


About me, Maria Rapela: Do you want to know more?

Read my text in the magazin Ístmica from the National University, Heredia, Costa Rica (in Spanish)—> 

Testimonio: Maria Rapela, una artista costarricense en Berlín

If you want to know more about me see my CV, click here


Maria Luisa Herrera Rapela
Reinickendorfer Str 114, SF, 13347 Berlin
UmStr: 1123/571/01207
StID: DE269409653
Phone:+49 (0)176 442 77015

Artistic and comercial photography

Portrait and Events

Berlin, Germany

Email: info (@) mariarapelafoto.com

Tel: + 49 ß176 442 77 015

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