Maria Luisa Herrera Rapela

Born in San José, Costa Rica in 1979

Fine arts artist

His education in painting initiate in 1992 in the south of France where she lived with her family during 3 years. When she was 14 years-old,  back in Costa Rica, she began to work at the workshop of the Master in Painting, the Argentinian Eduardo Barracosa, an interesting private workshop of painting in the surrounding mountains of the city.

In this workshop she initiates and consolidates hes education in the area of Fine Arts. Drawing, painting, sketching of the human body, art theory, art history, discussions about art, color, shapes, art and personality, the life, the society, among other things, was the common day in this workshop.

Since 2008 she lives and works in Berlin, Germany

Group Exhibitions and Art Fairs

2016 – Cinco sentidos, Iberoamerica e.V, Jena, Germany
2015 – Serendipity Gallery, ACUD, Fieber Festival, Berlin, Germany
2014- Group Exhibition La Rayuela – Berlin, Germany
2013– Studio 26 Gallery, Berliner Liste, MUMA – Kraftwerk, Berlín, Germany
2013- Serendipity Gallery, ACUD, Fieber Festival, Berlin, Germany
2012- Dreizig Festival, Agora, Berlin, Germany
2012- Berliner Liste, Artfair MUMA – Kraftwerk Berlin, Germany
2012- Chelsea Town Hall, Parallax Art Fair, London, England
2011- Marzia Frozen Gallery, Fieber Festival, Berlin, Germany
2011- Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, Etnia VI, Luxemburg
2010- open]art[space 2010, Potsdam, Germany
2010- Space Wallonie, Nocturnes du Sablon, Etnia VI, Latinamerican Art Forum, Brussels, Belgium
2009- Space Wallonie, Nocturnes du Sablon, Etnia V, Latinamerican Art Forum, Brussels, Belgium

Solo Exhibitions

2018- Space between A and B,  7 Mares – Berlin, Germany
2015- Strokes, lines and spaces – 7 Mares – Berlin, Germany
2012- Freischneider Aktionsatelier, 48Std Neukölln, Berlin, Germany
2010- Fragmentation and color: Abstractions from a migrant, Neonchocolate Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2007- Instituto Cultural de México, San Jose, Costa Rica
2007- Dau al Set Gallery, San José, Costa Rica
2007-  Gallery Cafébistrot Valandra, San José, Costa Rica
2006- Coffe Gallery: Te for Two, San José, Costa Rica
2005- Alliance Française, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
2004- Alliance Française en Jornadas sobre Costa Rica de la Maison de L´Amerique Latine, Lyon, France
2004- Library Carlos Monge Alfaro, University of Costa Rica, Sede Rodrigo Facio, San José
2004- Alliance Française, San José, Costa Rica
2002- University of Veracruz, Xalapa, Mexico
2000- Popular Culture House, José Figueres Ferrer, San José
1999- Library, University of Costa Rica, Liberia
1999- Popular Culture House, San Ramón, Costa Rica
1999- FECOU, University of Costa Rica, San Pedro
1998- Multicenter Paco, Escazú, Costa Rica

Art Residences

2015 – Engraving and Print residence in Doppio Fondo, Venice, Italy
2014- Summer Residence – Engraving techniques in Artprintresidence, Arenys de Munt, Catalonien, Spain
2013- Summer Residence – Engraving techniques in Lab43, Venice, Italy


2019-Stop-motion workshops with Alberto Couceiro, FilmArche, Berlin, Germany
2019-Photography and lighting workshop with David Vendryes, Berlin, Germany


Co-founder and coordinator of the Iberoamerican Female Art Festival in Berlin.
She colaborated during three editions, with the Film Festival Lakino, Berlin, in press, photo-events, interviews, texts regarding the festival.
Since 2007 she is free-autor, blogger, writer and photograph.
2010- The picture “Encierro invernal” appear as a cover sleed  from Gnawa Jazz Trio  TwoNineteenRecords, Berlin
2010- Cover of the publication: Politics of fairness and equality and Gender Mainstream, PNUD
Since 2009 member of the Professional Artist Association BBK Berlin.
2000- 2005 Bachelor in Anthropology at the University of Costa Rica, UCR
1996- Ruta Quetzal. Scholarship in Spain and Bolivia


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