Body continent Series N°1 and N°2​

Body Continent, Serie N°1, Maria Rapela, ©VG Bild Kunst In the last few weeks, I have been working on the Body Continent series. The starting point was the painting I had done in 2018 and wanted to develop further. In that search several works, shapes and styles came out. Then in that process of working […]

Body Continent Serie

Body Continent I (2018) Maria Rapela ©VG Bild In 2018 I was exploring materials and colors, and a painting emerged that I later called body-continent. I did not develop the serie, but since then that painting raises questions and asks me to develop something in that direction. When first the image emerges and then the […]

Pop-up Exhibition at The Ballery – Berlin

“The Ballery invites you to an artist reception and the preview of our second pop-up art exhibition of the summer. This exhibition will feature the works of Berlin based artists. There is no theme to the exhibition. Artist have been asked to present works that best introduce their artistic vision and practice. Every summer in […]

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