About me

Maria Rapela

(German-costaricanisch) Born in Costa Rica 1979, since 2008 living in Berlin, Germany.

I have been working in painting and investigating in the visual arts, since more than two and half decades. The passion for the world of colors, shapes, ideas, discoveries, freedom of creation that art allows, has always kept me close and fighting for what I want and makes me feel on the right path.

I love all the arts and deeply respect all the people who translate in some way the sensibility, fears, fragility, ways of thinking, of seeing the world, the capacity to free oneself and dream through the arts and that are the result of human expression, as beings that have been evolving.

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Maria Luisa Herrera Rapela
Reinickendorfer Str 114, SF, 13347 Berlin
UmStr: 1123/571/01207
StID: DE269409653
Phne:+49 (0)176 442 77015

Fotos: ©Daniele Vidoni

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