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Stop-motion and drawing with oil pastells.

During a stop-motion workshop in april 2019 I made this little experiment. I had the opportunity for the first time to animate colors, shapes, lines with oil pastells on paper. The experiment is very simple and I would love to be able to experiment more in that direction at some point.

Animation with oil pastell 2019 (39 sec) from Maria Luisa Herrera Rapela on Vimeo.

New in Instagram

I have started to develop  myself as a photographer and have started a photography accounts, one for artistic portraits @maluigi_photo and another for my artwork. @Maria_Rapela_Kunst

I’m offering portraits, for people for whom their image is an important component of their work and need quality and creative photos to make themselves known, such as dancers, actors, performers, singers, musicians, poets, writers, among others.

And I’m also interested in photography of events such a exhibitions, conferences, openings, performances, theatre rehearsals and dance. I am interested in the registration of the activities where people are present.

If you are interested please contact me at my email.
The idea is to be able to provide photographic services to people in need, in Berlin as well as in the rest of Europe. I have social skills and can speak Spanish, French, English, German and Italian.






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