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November 2018 – I will be exposing a selection of etching, woodcut, linoleum and acrylics, with the title: The space between A and B.

The Opening with the title „Space between A and B” will be carried out in the Portuguese wine-shop 7 Mares, Heimstr 3, 9:00, where I we will be waiting for you for for a toast.

The finissage will be on 25th January 2019 from 19:00


November 2016 – As part of the Cinco Sentidos Festival, Iberoamerica Jena e.V, I presented the serie Strokes, lines and spaces (Works 2009-2015) with other two artists: Rosaana Velasco and Alexandra Bisbicus

October 2016 – Ephemeral Intervention with stones, ceramics and waste in a beach in Ortigia, Siracusa, Italy. See my post and pictures on my blog here.

December 2015 – Until 17th february 2016 Solo show, Strokes, lines and spaces (Works 2009-2015) Finissage: 8th February 2016 from 19:30 until 23:00 in the Wine shop and gallery art 7 Mares / Heimstrasse 3, 10965 Berlín

July 2015 – Two weeks print residence in Venice, Italy Doppio Fondo Print workshop

Mai 2015 – Coordination and Group exhibition in Fieber Festival, Acud, Berlin

December 2014- Until Januar 2014 – Colective Exhibition in the bookstore La Rayuela, Südstern 2, 10961 Berlin. Here you will find one of the watermelon picture. (II). This picture appear published in the Calendar 2015 a project to fund the next Fieber Festival 2015.

August 2014 – Print residence in Art Print Residence, Catalunya, Spain.

December 2013 – TV Interview Deutsche Welle Alemania con acento

Interview where I participate as a guest. The tv show in spanish is Alemania con Acento from the Deutsche Welle, who present every week the life of latinoamericans who live and work in Germany. The program will be presented in all the latinamerican countries who have access to the german television channel. The program is available to see online here.

Entrevista de televisión , Alemania con acento, Deutsche Welle

Entrevista Alemania con Acento de la Deutsche Welle es un programa para donde he sido invitada. Cada semana presneta la vida de un latinoamericano que vive y trabaja en Alemania. El programa está disponible online aquí.


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